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10 key things you need to know about Egypt's Universal Healthcare System

Egypt's Universal Healthcare Insurance System represents a significant effort to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare coverage.
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  1. Cost and Funding: The cost of extending health insurance coverage to all Egyptians under the Universal Healthcare Insurance System (UHIS) is estimated to exceed EGP 360 billion. On average, this amounts to EGP 3,000 per person.

  2. Progress So Far: Egypt has successfully implemented the "comprehensive health insurance" system in three governorates as part of the UHIS initiative.

  3. Expansion Plans: The project is set to expand its first phase to cover all governorates in Egypt in the coming months, indicating a commitment to nationwide coverage.

  4. Achieving the Dream: According to Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait, through UHIS, Egypt has realized its goal of having an integrated, affordable, and reasonable healthcare system.

  5. Project Inception: The UHIS project was initiated in December 2019 in Port Said following a directive from President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. The goal was to establish a comprehensive, high-quality national health insurance system.

  6. Public-Private Collaboration: The project is the result of close collaboration between the private sector and the government, indicating a partnership approach to healthcare improvement.

  7. International Agreements: Egypt's Ministry of Health and Population has signed agreements with international pharmaceutical companies to enhance the country's public healthcare system, suggesting a focus on improving healthcare infrastructure and resources.

  8. Healthcare Spending Increase: The government plans to increase healthcare spending by 15 percent in the fiscal year 2023/24, as announced by Minister Maait in June 2023. This suggests a commitment to investing in healthcare.

  9. Project Goals and Initiatives: The UHIS project includes various initiatives, such as eliminating waiting lists for critical surgeries, developing model hospitals, ensuring the availability of infant formula and vaccines, and comprehensive treatment of Hepatitis C virus.

  10. Social Solidarity and Poverty Reduction: The UHIS project aims to reform the entire healthcare system, promote social solidarity, and reduce poverty and disease rates. It focuses on providing medical protection for families and ensures that those who can't afford the fees will have the costs covered by the public budget.

Overall, Egypt's Universal Healthcare Insurance System represents a significant effort to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare coverage for all citizens, with a focus on improving healthcare infrastructure, reducing poverty, and achieving social solidarity.