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Eid celebrations in Egypt affected by economic challenges

Eid El-Adha holiday and its traditions in Egypt are being overshadowed by economic difficulties faced by many Egyptians.
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Eid El-Adha holiday in Egypt is being overshadowed by economic difficulties faced by many Egyptians. Inflation and rising entertainment costs have left people worried about their ability to afford their usual Eid celebrations and vacations. In the past, such a long break would have led to a less crowded Cairo as people headed to vacation spots, but this year is different.

With annual inflation reaching 32.7%, entertainment and travel plans have been deprioritized as Egyptians struggle to meet their basic needs. This has led people to create new traditions in line with the economic challenges. Some have opted for a potluck instead of expensive meals.

Young people are also adapting their plans by engaging in cost-effective activities such as going to the cinema, trying new restaurants, or exploring affordable events during the Eid break. They are also finding alternative hangout spots like art galleries with free entry.

The high inflation and devaluation of the local currency have also affected the traditional practice of animal sacrifice during Eid al-Adha. Families are now resorting to group buying as they cannot afford to purchase a whole animal individually as livestock prices are soaring

The rising prices of animal feed ingredients, such as wheat and yellow corn, have contributed to the increase in livestock prices. Some middle-class Egyptians have turned to buying frozen beef from subsidized state-run outlets instead of fresh meat or paying the Sacrifice Bond, offered by several charities.

The economic challenges surrounding Eid celebrations highlight the impact of inflation and rising costs on people's ability to enjoy traditional festivities. The government is trying to support the livestock market and search for new livestock trading partners like Chad.