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What else can AI do?

AI can do even more, and it is taking over more and more tasks. But beware, how long can it be controlled?
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Drone kills pilot

A few days ago, a report made the rounds that a drone had taken out its own operator in a simulation. The US Air Force now denies that such a simulation took place. It is said to be a thought experiment, which was, however, misleadingly communicated.

In this experiment, an AI-controlled drone had the task of shooting down air defense positions in order to score points. After the operator denied it some of the kills, it killed him.
Dumme shoots videos

London-based start-up Dumme uses AI to turn long videos into shorts. The AI is said to not only be faster than humans at video editing but also produce better results. There are already 20,000 interested people on the waiting list.
Karman takes virtual photos

Danish designer Bjørn Karmann has developed a camera without a lens. Instead, Paragraphica is connected to the AI image generator Stable Diffusion. The basis is a Raspberry Pi connected to a screen.

Information about the current location is collected via GPS and weather data, on the basis of which an image is generated. Anyone who wants to try out the camera for themselves has the opportunity to do so on Karmann's website.
Byju swotting with AI

The Indian EdTech giant Byju wants to improve its offerings with AI. With Badri, Byju is introducing an AI that recognizes when students have problems with comprehension. In that case, it proactively offers solutions to work on the knowledge gaps.

With MathGPT, mathematics is taught to students in an easy-to-understand way and with visual help. While TeacherGPT guides learners individually and assesses their assignments.
iPhone writes diary

With iOS 17, Apple introduces a diary app called "Journal". Journal uses information from the iPhone, such as photos, location, music, or workouts, to inspire users to write.