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Who Are the Top 500 Companies in Egypt in 2023?

We are pleased to announce the release of the second edition of our report on "Egypt's Top 500 Companies." Download your copy now.
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To download the report click here.

We are pleased to announce the release of the second edition of our report on "Egypt's Top 500 Companies."

The report offers a comprehensive list of the country's most influential companies and has garnered acclaim not only within Egypt but also from around the world, with many considering it an essential starting point for gaining an in-depth overview of the Egyptian economy.

We believe that our report provides valuable insights into Egypt's economy and serves as a reliable starting point for potential investors seeking to explore the nation's investment opportunities.

The report shows that Egypt has emerged as a promising investment destination, boasting a GDP of USD 471 billion and an average growth rate of 5%, maintaining its position as Africa's second-largest economy.

Egypt's strategic location, and proximity to Europe, present it as an appealing hub for industrial contract manufacturing, providing an opportunity to streamline supply chains. Despite facing economic challenges, Egypt remains on the path to recovery, with a diverse industry base and robust infrastructure.

As the MENA region's top investment destination, Egypt continues to attract new businesses, with 28,178 companies registered on our website

The report's selection of the most significant companies is based on an analysis of publicly available sources, considering factors such as employee count, revenue, and website traffic.

These companies are all headquartered in Egypt and maintain a professional website and a LinkedIn profile.

Don't miss the chapter on the economy of Egypt, analyzing the state of different industries.

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