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This Week's Digital News: Security First

In this week's digital news we discuss the war on passwords, how Samsung banned ChatGPT, Google verification and why police is training robots.
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Passkey instead of a password

Google, Apple, and Microsoft have joined forces to declare war on passwords. They are supported by the FIDO Alliance, which has been working on the abolition of passwords since 2013. Instead, biometric scans or the PIN in the form of ➡️Passkeys are to be used.

Users will be able to access the authentication data via the cloud. Through the cooperation, it will no longer be a problem to log into one's Google account with a passkey from the iPhone, for example.

Google Verified

The blue ticks have now also arrived at Google. Behind this is the feature "Brand Indicators for Message Identification", or ➡️BIMI for short, which has been in place since 2021.

Logos of verified brands are displayed in the Gmail inbox. A blue tick behind them indicates the authenticity of the company.

Although the implementation is quite simple, only 4 % of companies use the feature. The prerequisite is DMARC, which is used by 61 % of the companies. BIMI-ready are about 15 % so far.

Samsung bans ChatGPT

A month after secret data from Samsung was leaked in ChatGPT, the electronics company from South Korea is drawing consequences. The use of generative AI tools on its own devices is banned for the time being. In addition to ChatGPT, Microsoft's Bing and Google's Bard are also banned. The ban is to remain in place until there is a safe environment for AI use.

TikTok becomes brand safe

TikTok is partnering with a number of major publishers to make the platform safer for advertisers. TikTok Pulse Premiere will allow ads to be placed around high-quality posts from the likes of NBCU, Condé Nast, DotDash Meredith and BuzzFeed.

Police train robots

There are situations that are too dangerous for police officers. Fortunately, there is ➡️Spot, the robot dog from Boston Dynamics. In the Innovation Lab of the NRW police, the two robot dogs are trained for use. For example, at ➡️Brandruine in Essen.