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Etisalat, Banque Misr, and Amazon offer joint digital services in Egypt

This collaboration with Etisalat Egypt by e& is a demonstration of Amazon Payment Services’ position in Egypt to continuously build partnerships.
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Amazon Payment Services has been named the official payment service provider for Etisalat Egypt by e&, with Banque Misr as the online payments acquirer. Through this collaboration, Amazon Payment Services brings a reliable, safe, and simple checkout experience for Etisalat by e& Egypt customers paying for invoices across billing, subscription, and device purchases on its digital payment platform. Etisalat Egypt by e& customers will also have the option of paying by instalments, thanks to Amazon Payment Services’ tie-up with 10 banks in Egypt, including Banque Misr.

A signing ceremony was held in Cairo and attended by company representatives and distinguished leaders, including Hazem Metwally, CEO of Etisalat Egypt by e&; Akef El-Maghrabi, Deputy Chairman of Banque Misr; Peter George, Managing Director for Amazon Payment Services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA); and Omar Elsahy, General Manager of Amazon Egypt.

Peter George, Managing Director for Amazon Payment Services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), said: “We are continually working to facilitate secure and seamless digital transactions to the delight and convenience of our customers. It gives us great pleasure to collaborate with Etisalat Egypt by e& as it drives e-payment solutions for its customers and businesses. Working together, we will combine Etisalat Egypt by e& and Bank Misr’s exceptional local knowledge with our global expertise to provide a safe, secure, and seamless payments experience to their customers.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Hazem Metwally, CEO of Etisalat Egypt by e&, said: “We are excited to work with Banque Misr and Amazon Payment Services to provide easy and secure online payment services across all channels, including mobile apps and websites. The collaboration comes in line with our efforts to become an integrated technology company, to meet customer needs, and to keep pace with the latest technologies and developments. This milestone reinforces Etisalat Egypt by e& success in building strategic partnerships to provide a diverse range of services and products.”

Akef El-Maghraby, Deputy Chairman at Banque Misr, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with leading companies like Etisalat Egypt by e& and Amazon Payment Services, in line with our strategy to drive the future of digital payments. Banque Misr is dedicated to integrating localized advanced technological services across our various transactions to progress in line with global transformation, as we recognize that technology will play a vital role in keeping us at the forefront of the banking sector in Egypt.”

He added: “The digital transformation of banking systems will contribute towards improving service delivery while tapping into promising trends towards economic and financial development. Additionally, the transformation will support growth while empowering more members of the population to access financial solutions that are suitable for them—helping to further the broader goal of financial inclusion.”

Omar Elsahy, Amazon Egypt General Manager, added: “The Egyptian government has made it a priority to support digitization and innovation, in line with Egypt Vision 2030 strategic objectives to move towards a digital economy. Our collaboration with Etisalat Egypt by e& puts us in an important position to contribute to the transformation agenda and empower our communities and customers in Egypt to benefit from seamless, secure, convenient, and flexible digital payments, and towards a cashless future for Egypt.”

This collaboration with Etisalat Egypt by e& is a demonstration of Amazon Payment Services’ leading position in Egypt to continuously build partnerships and launch initiatives, contributing to digital payment adoption in line with the government’s efforts. Another such strategic partnership is the collaboration with valU, one of Egypt's leading consumer financing providers, that enables Amazon Payment Services to offer customers the ability to finance their purchases in Egypt through an instalment plan.


Banque Misr is dedicated to building partnerships and launching initiatives to provide services that incentivise adoption of its various digital payment methods, helping to meet the requirements of different segments of the population. This is driven by the knowledge that the shift away from a cash-first culture to a cashless society demands companies to combine forces to incentivize customers to transact digitally. Banque Misr also strives to utilize the full range of technological means in line with Egypt’s digital transformation plan to support financial inclusion efforts.