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Nice Deer collaborates with Misr Finance

Limitless, a subsidiary of Eva Pharma and Estsharion Medical Care signed to adopt the Nice Dear platform to manage their insurance systems.
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Nice Deer, an InsurTech company specializing in developing a comprehensive integrated digital ecosystem for the health insurance industry in Egypt, announced cooperation with Misr Finance for Financial Services, in order to provide short-term financing solutions for medical service providers. This will help eliminate delays in medical expense reimbursement, encouraging collaboration with insurance companies and accelerating the growth of the health insurance industry in Egypt. The announcement came during an event organized by the company to showcase its significant business milestones, in the attendance of several prominent figures, representing the health insurance sector in Egypt.

“Nice Deer managed to achieve considerable accomplishments within a short time since its establishment,” Mostafa Medhat, Founder & CEO of Nice Deer, said as he expressed delight at the new cooperation. “We worked on developing business solutions and technologies through a clear strategy that primarily focuses on expansion as well as Research and Development investments, based on our extensive expertise, in order to be one of the leading health insurance technology companies.” He indicated one of the milestones reached, saying “Optical Character Reader (OCR) is one of our latest technological innovations for health insurance claims and E- prescriptions, which enables health service providers to process the claims accurately and swiftly. Through scanning the claims and E- prescriptions, the platform recognizes the script written, helping the medical service providers to submit the claims in no time with a high accuracy rate.”

Meanwhile, Engy Shalash - Co-Founder of Nice Deer, said “Our business solutions help health insurance companies communicate more effectively with both medical service providers and beneficiaries to detect and prevent fraud and increase revenues through a widespread network of medical service providers, which we were able to expand; comprising more than 7,000 big and medium-sized chains of pharmacies, laboratories, and scan centers. In addition, we initiated the Nice Deer Clinic Management system for dental clinics, through which the platform facilitates communication as well as procedure-to-procedure interactions and sequences along with a convenient dental map, so dentists can easily track the patient’s history.

It’s expected to add four more self-funded corporations to our network soon, in addition to further collaborations with many polyclinics and hospitals.” Nice Deer signed agreements with two self-funded corporations including Limitless (a subsidiary of Eva Pharma and Estsharion Medical Care, according to which they will adopt the Nice Dear platform to manage their self-financed insurance system.