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10 reasons why cloud computing in Egypt will boom

The market is to witness a boom in Egypt between 2020 to 2027, with predictions saying the only concern is cyber-attacks.
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As per recent research analyzing and forecasting the cloud computing market in Egypt over the period between 2020 and 2027, done by GMI, the market is to witness a boom in Egypt due to several factors, these include

1. Rising numbers of startups in health tech and smart medical services (Yodawy, Rology).

2. Video streaming services and platforms are becoming more and more popular.

3. Investments in and increasing numbers of data centers and data center clusters, like Borg Al-Arab Technology Park.

4. Improving living standards and increase in disposable income

5. Increase in adoption of Artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things technologies across Egypt.

6. Plans and expansions in setting up and using 5G technologies.

7. The government emphasis and investments in digital transformation.

8. Investments by public and private sectors in research and development in the cloud computing field.

9. The fast urbanization taking place in Egypt and mega projects and future cities, plus the population growth making Egypt one of the largest markets.

10. Growing cooperation between government entities and corporates, and between corporates themselves.

According to research, the challenge facing cloud computing in Egypt is concerns of cyber-attacks. It is also expected that Software as a Service sector will have the largest share of the cloud computing market in Egypt until 2027.

The development of cloud computing will lead to less fees and loss of capital, thus facilitating investments.