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Egypt sells more than 800 million KWH of electricity

The sales were done internationally, in the period of 5 months. Network with Saudi, Europe under preparation.
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892 million Kilowatt hours were sold internationally by Egypt between February and July of 2022. The sales were made to the connected countries and private sector companies.

Egypt’s total energy, both generated locally and purchased in the same period, stood at more than 107 billion kilowatt hours.

The country has been working on boosting its generation capacity through the last decade. Different generation capabilities were added, like diesel, gas, steam and combined cycle. Egypt is also boosting its electricity generated from renewable sources with new projects amounting to 1631 megawatts from solar energy and 1634 from wind.

In 2026, Egypt is expected to complete its interconnection with Saudi Arabia, which will allow the 2 countries to exchange 3000 megawatts. The 1st phase of the project has already been completed, which is an interconnection with neighboring Sudan, with a capacity of 80 megawatts, expected to increase in the 2nd phase to 240 megawatts then 300 megawatts.

This, while the electrical connection between Egypt, through Crete, to Greece and Cyprus is in its research phase.