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Which passport is the most powerful in the world?

Egyptian passport ranks 94 out of 112. And the most powerful passport is not that of USA or UK.
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Egypt's passport ranked 94th out of 112 rankings for passport power. Egypt shares the same rank with Ageria, Central African Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Jordan and Turkmenistan.

While the most powerful passport in the world was the Japanese passport.

The highest arab country in the ranking was United Arab Emirates which ranked 15th, sharing the same spot with Cyprus.

Henley and Partners, the world famous consultancy firm for residency and citizenship by investment, released this ranking every quarter. It bases its ranking on the number of countries you can enter visa free with your passport, as well as other data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), their own in-house research and online data.

Previously strong passports like Germany came at number 3, USA at the 7th along with Switzerland and UK at the 6th.

After United Arab Emirates, the next arab country is far at 57th rank, taken by Qatar.