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How can Egypt remove obstacles to investments?

Egypt will hold an economic conference between 23 and 25 October to discuss the problems facing investors and solutions to them.
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Earlier in September, President AbdelFattah Al-Sisi ordered the cabinet to work on removing obstacles that face investors in Egypt. In order to achieve this, Egypt will hold an economic conference between 23 and 25 October.

During the conference, the cabinet will discuss the current conditions and provisions of the Egyptian economy and how it may be boosted. All officials and experts of the economic sector will have the opportunity to analyze the situation, and all the problems that investors face in Egypt as well present and make suggestions on how to attract and facilitate more investments.

President Al-Sisi stressed that results should be visible a maximum of two months.

Egypt has been working on increasing its exports and the involvement of the private sector in the economy. The country is looking to achieve $100 billion of exports, especially after it achieved a record number in 2021 for non-oil exports that amounted to $32 billion.

The government also plans to raise the share of the private sector in the economy from 30% to 65% over the next 3 years.