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What are the top 100 countries for remote workers?

Remote-working seems to be not just an international trend, but rather a new way of working that is here to stay. Where is Egypt from the top places?
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The travel website Kayak, released a ranking of the top countries for remote working that included 111 countries. Egypt ranked at 101 of these countries.

The ranking took into consideration criteria like the availability of a digital nomad visa, the internet speeds, prices, health and safety measures, cost of living, the rate of english profeiciency in the population and the weather, among several other criteria

The country that took the top spot was Portugal. It has one of the best internet connections in the world, great weather, cheap prices, the majority of the population speaks English and it has a dedicated visa for digital nomads and remote workers who intend to work from there.

There's a great opportunity in catering to digital nomads and remote workers as a tourim market. As they stay longer than tourists and help in the development of startups and entrepreneurship by sharing ideas. Catering to them, also means making improvements on infrastructure (like internet connections and coverage, hotels, co-working spaces) that could lead to the development of the local community as well.

Dahab in Egypt, appears occasionaly on popular destinations among digital nomads and remote workers.