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Egypt Digital July 2021

Read the top 10 takeaways from the Digital 2021 July edition about the digital status of Egypt.
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Hootsuite and We are social released the July edition of their report Digital 2021. The report details the most important global insights and rankings that have to do with everything digital

The july main finidngs are summarized in this Youtube video.

Here are the top 10 takeways about Egypt:

1. Internet penetration in Egypt stands at 60% of the population.

2. In both the fixed connection and mobile connection speed, Egypt came among the last 10 countries with 42 and 24 mbps respectively.

3. Egypt ranked high in ad reach on most social media networks including: 

* Instagram: 20th rank with 16million users' reach.

* Facebook: 9th rank with 47million users' reach.

* Facebook Messenger: 7th rank with 37 million users' reach.

* Snapchat: 10th  rank with a bit more than 12m users reach.

* Twitter: 18th rank with 4,5m users' reach.

 4. 14% of internet users in Egypt use voice assistants to find info.

5. 50% of Egyptian internet users use social media for brand research.

6. Egypt is among the bottom 3 countries in using online financial services.

7. Egypt's mobile data cost is cheap with about $1/GB.

8. Egyptians are number 1 in the world in making comments on Facebook.

9. 26% of Egyptian internet users follow influencers.

10. 22% of egyptians who shop online, do it via Mobile.