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Egypt Digital in 2021 report

All the info needed for advertisers and marketers to understand the Egyptian market and its trends to plan their campaigns here!
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Hootsuite and We are Social released their annual DIGITAL report for 2021. The report covers consumer digital behavior, data and statistics in more than 220 countries and territories.

Egypt Business Directory presents you a summary of the main findings and the Egypt specific findings.

Global findings:

  • Due to the spread of COVID-19 and many aspects of our lives moving online, the number of people connected to the internet jumped by 13% since the 2020 report (Feb 2020). Number of social media users jumped to 4.2billion by early 2021. However, 3.2 billion people, primarily women, are still not connected to the internet.
  • Smartphones became the “first screen” as people spend more time on their phones than watching television.
  • The ecommerce increasing trend is likely to continue after the COVID era. More than 75% of global internet users shop online monthly.
  • Internet speed increased globally. Mobile internet is on average 50% faster than last year!
  • 2020 witnessed a change in digital audience with 65+ years old Facebook users grew exponentially. 55+ year old females are more likely to shop online than 16-24-year-old males!


Egypt, important numbers:

  • 57.3% of the total population are internet users.


  • Average time an Egyptian spends online is 7:36 hours. Around 4:20 hours are via mobile.


  • Of the web traffic, the share of mobile phones (excluding use of apps) is about 68% of total browsing.


  • 48.4% of the internet users stream TV content online monthly.


  • 85.1% of internet users play videogames on any device.


  • 6.6% of internet users own a smart home device.


  • 34.5% of internet users in Egypt are worried about the misuse of their personal data.


  • 47.4% of the population are active social media users (not necessarily unique).


  • Average time spent by an internet user in Egypt on social media is 3 hours.


  • Average number of social media platform where internet users in Egypt have accounts is 9.


  • 56.4% of internet users in Egypt visit social media platforms for information about brands and production.


  • 46.2% of internet users in Egypt use social media for work purposes.


  • Egypt ranks number 9th globally in Facebook advertising reach with 45,000,000 users as audience.


  • Monthly average likes on Facebook for Egyptians is 13 likes, while comments are at 11 monthly comments (ranking 2nd globally).


  • Advertisers can reach 19.4% of the Egyptian population via Instagram.


  • Egypt ranks 15th globally for reach of YouTube advertising with an audience of 40.5 million.


  • Egypt ranks 7th globally in Facebook messenger advertising reach with an audience of 33 million.


  • Advertisers can reach about 8.4% of Egyptians on LinkedIn.


  • Egypt ranks 13th globally in Snapchat advertising reach with an audience of 10.7 million.


  • Egypt ranks 18th globally in Twitter advertising reach with an audience of 3.7 million.


  • Egypt’s mobile connections compared to the total population is at 92.7%. Of these, 83% and 3G, 4G and 5G and more than 85% are prepaid.


  • 43% of internet users made a video call using a mobile last month.


  • 56.6% of internet users bought something online via any device in the last month. 40% of those made a purchase on mobile and half of them researched the product online before purchase. The average spending last month is at $79.


  • 18.4% of internet users use mobile banking or financial services apps monthly.


  • 3.3% of the population over 15 years old has a credit card.


  • 20.6% users a mobile payment service in the last month (Samsung pay, Apply Pay).


  • 56.9% on internet users purchased digital content in the last month.


  • 33.7% of internet users used a ride hailing app or a taxi booking online service in the last month.


  • 41.3% on internet users in Egypt ordered food via an online service for delivery in the last month.