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10 things you need to know about technical education

The Ministry of Education dedicates special attention to technical education. With economic developments, there is a growing need for skilled labour.

The Egyptian Ministry of Education is dedicating special resources and attention to technical education. With the current economic developments, there is a growing need for skilled labour.

The deputy minister of education for technical education Mohamed Megahed talked to the media about the plans of the ministry in coordination with European partners. Here are 10 short points what is technical education and why it is important.

1- Technical education covers four fields. Industrial education, commercial education, agricultural education and tourism. These four fields cover many more subtopics underneath.

2- The sector currently has more than 700,000 students and quarter a million teachers. Thanaweya Amma, Egypt’s high school diploma has 100,000 less in each of the categories.

3- When you graduate from technical education, you can receive a diploma or a bachelor’s of science.

4- The ministry put together a new curriculum that covers all three areas needed to prepare the students for the labour market, skills, knowledge and attitude. These including preparing your CV, presenting your work, team work and other helpful skills.

5- The EU has been supporting Egypt’s technical education programs for more than 14 years as part of the EU Neighborhood policy agreements.

6- Germany and Egypt signed a protocol to reform technical education and support it by funding in 2018.

7- Egypt will launch a new cooperation with the USAID to support technical education this October.

8- The European and American experience suggest that the best for technical education is to integrate with the private sector to be able to provide skilled labour.

9- One way to integrate private sector is by establishing applied tech schools. These schools train students for specific skills needed for specific industries. These schools are established by the private sector but fall under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education.

10- The Ministry of Education has a goa of setting up 10 new applied tech schools every year serving different industries up until the year 2030.