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President El-Sisi meets WB delegation

This is the 1st visit for the World Bank delegation since 2014. The WB seeks more cooperation with Egypt after success of reform program.
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President El-Sisi and Minister of International cooperation Rania El-Mashat met with a delegation of the World Bank who vvisited Cairo on Saturday.

The President and the delagation discussed their cooperation and the developments in economic status of Egypt since cooperation on the reform program. The delegation praised Egypt's leadership for being able to take their economy from the state of turmoil to the shores of stability.

"Egypt's performance," the delegation said, "resulted in yielding positive results in terms of raising growth rates, reducing the budget deficit, unemployment and inflation, as well as implementing major national projects that contributed to advancing development efforts, and made Egypt a successful model in achieving security and stability, in addition to a package of unprecedented measures in social protection." reported Al-Ahram.

The President also discussed the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and its effects on Egypt as part of discussing Egypt's role in Africa and its development; The president highlighted the importance of the difference between the right to develop and the right to life, which is what the Nile represents to Egypt.