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Hurghada among top 100 destinations

For the 1st time Hurghada enters the ranking of the top 100 cities by Euromonitor International.
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Euromonitor international placed Hurghada in the 82nd place for 2018, this is the 1st time Hurghada enters the ranking. 

Hurghada is expected to reach 63rd place in 2019's evaluation of top 100 destinations around the world.

Cairo also improved and came at 42nd place making Egypt the most popular destination in North Africa.

The enterance and ranking of Hurghada means that it is expected to make the biggest progress in te next report. The ranking took into account the renovation of terminal 2 of Hurghada airport, the efforts to maintain peace and security, the campaigns the government is undertaking for promoting tourism and the increasing investments in the hotel and hspotality sector.

The report stated that if all these elements remained stable in 2019, Hurghada can easily make it into the top 50 cities on the list.