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Boost your e-commerce business in Ramadan

Payfort has 6 tips for all e-commerce business to boost their sales during Ramadan.
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A Google report showed that Ramadan always witnesses a major increase in spending especially on clothes and travel at least by 15% in retail and 35% online. This makes Ramadan the height of promotions and offers to attract more consumers.

Payfort offers you 6 tips on how you can increase your sales during Ramadan:

1- Make your business Mobile-Friendly: The traditions of the month keep people away from laptops or other devices while their mobile is always around so make the experience flawless.

2- Timing is everything: payfort suggests focusing on weekends, early morning, shortly before and right after sunset are popular times for shopping so make sure your advertising covers at least one of them.

3- Experiment: you need to test what works better and when as not all industries have same trends, for example advertising kids wear can be more successful than adults wear during Ramadan in preparation for Eid.

4- Introduce installments: people are eager to make big purchases in Ramadan and offering installments makes it more attractive.

5- Talk the language: Ramadan is mostly celebrated around the Arab world and offering your website in Arabic speaks to your target market.

6- Stand Out: Ramadan is a big marketing time for everyone, so make sure that you stand out from other competitors. This is the time to invest in strategy.