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Egypt among the 20 least happy countries

Egypt fell from 122nd place last year in the World Happiness Report to 137th place in this year's report out of 156 countries.
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Egypt continues to drop on the ranking of the world's happiest countries. It came at rank 137 in this year's World Happiness Report out of 156 countries, dropping from 122 in last year's where it had dropped from 113 in 2008-
Egypt ranked at 122 out of 156 countries report.

Egypt came at rank 101 in healthy life expectancy, 118 in social support, 129 in freedom and 89th in corruption.

Among MENA countries, Egypt came at 3rd to last, followed only by Syria and Yemen while UAE, Saudi and Qatar topped this list.

The happiest countries in the world, similarly to last year's report, remain the same, just changing places.

Finland held its top spot though, followed by its fellow Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

The least happy country in the world was South Sudan.