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4 Ways to grow your e-commerce business

Did you know that 80% of online shoppers abandon the cart at checkout? Payfort has 4 tips to help you avoid this and grow your business online.
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Payfort brings you 4 tips that will help your e-commerce grow and stand out among competitors.

1- Be visible: You have to be on the lookout for blogs or websites that are relevant to you and try to post as a guest to promote your business; a good SEO reach can also help a lot. Audience reach is everything when it comes to doing business online and you have to get your business known to as many people as possible.

2- Retarget: as many customers can come to your online store, check out products and then leave, either to compare or they delay the decision to purchase, in this case, retargeting them to remind them of the products they were interested in through cookies in their browser.

3- Introduce incentives in the checkout process:
As many as 80% of consumers stop and abandon the purchase at the checkout phase therefore highlighting the discounts or offers at the checkout is crucial to push the consumer to complete the purchase.

4- Keep testing your product pages:
creating the perfect product page for your audience means constantly testing. The most important always is comprehensive, quality pictures, description and maybe introducing video.