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Egypt's New Capital a game changer

The new administrative capital is listed among 8 mega-projects that will transform mega-cities: UK Business Insider.
Cairo might look very different in the coming decade as the new administrative capital is set to take a lot of pressure off Cairo.

UK Business Insider listed Egypt's new administrative capital as one of 8 projects that will change mega-cities by the year 2030.

The project that launched in 2015 and set to be completed by 2022 will accommodate 5 million residents on a 270 square miles.

It will include about 1,250 religious buildings, a major conference center, schools, colleges and medical facilities and a park that is planned to be the largest in the world.

The project is expected to cost about $45 billion.

Among the other projects on the list are the new Istanbul city, the Europa City in Paris and the new World Trade Center in the USA.

Photo via: UK Business Insider