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Cairo has the cheapest taxis in the world

A ride from airport to city center in Cairo costs about EGP 75 while in Zurich it costs about EGP 1,232!!
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CARSPRING, the leading online used cars dealership ranked Cairo first when it comes to how cheap the taxis are. Egypt’s capital topped a list of 80 most visited cities in taxi prices.
The ranking considered the cost of hailing a taxi, the cost per kilometer, the cost of waiting time and the average fare from airport to city center.
The initial hire price in Cairo is around EGP 3.90, the cost of waiting per hour is EGP 20 and the cost of the ride from airport to the city center is about EGP 75; while the cost per kilometer came at EGP 1.95
The report also stated that the most popular car model among taxis in Cairo is Hyundai Elantra.
The most expensive city when it comes to Taxis was Zurich. With most Taxis from Mercedes Benz and the price per kilometer is about EGP 91. In Zurich, the fare from airport to city center costs about EGP 1,232!!