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5 ways to a better Twitter business page

66% of online customers discovered companies using twitter, 50% purchased after seeing a post and 79% recommend based on what they follow!

Social media is a major help when it comes to customer service and Twitter has proved to be the most efficient and helpful.

85% of respondents in a survey stated that they feel connected to the business when they follow its page on twitter and Payfort is here to tell you how to make the most of your twitter.

Being visible on twitter can be a mega booster for your business as 66% of online customers discovered small or medium business using twitter, 50% purchased something that they saw first on twitter while 79% of customers are likely to recommend a brand that they follow on twitter; that's why you need to make the best use of your business page and here are 3 ways to do it.

1- The right image: especially picking the right size is important. Payfort recommends that your profile picture should be 400px by 400px and your header image should be 1500px by 1500px.

2- Be attentive: people expect response within hours maximum, so make sure there is always someone watching your page to respond quickly to your followers.

3- Hashtag but not too much: Hashtags are the strength and trademark of twitter, they can help you be more visible IF you use them right. This means using the relevant hashtags and not overdoing it.

Happy Tweeting!