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Why do the best employees leave?

It's not overwork or lack of challenge, it's the work environment that gets most to your best employees, a Morrissey survey concluded.
Toxic environment and lack of communication are more likely to make you lose your best employees rather than work overload! This were the results of a survey by Cameron L Morrissey, bestselling author of The "7 Deadly Sins of Leadership."

More than 40% of the respondents stated that a toxic work environment can drive the best employees away, followed by lack of recognition (35%).

Lack of challenge, passion or purpose came at the last 2 places with 10 and 13% respectively. While elements of trust, bureaucracy and accountability hovered around the middle.

The toxic environment at work can be driven by unhealthy competitiveness, lack of teamwork, lack of purpose and vision or a style of leadership that frustrates employees rather than motivates them.

This can be tackled by paying attention to your employees, focusing on hiring not only talents and capabilities but also employees that would complement the harmony of the team.

Working on having a healthy work environment can help keep your best employees aboard.