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Optimize your website for sign-up

The call to action and being mobile friendly are very important. Payfort presents the 5 golden rules to boost your sign-ups.
If you want users to sign up to your website, Payfort offers you 5 tips on how to best attract users and get more sign-ups.

1- Make your call to action clear:
The web is full of websites that want users to sign up, don't make it confusing, make it clear what they are signing-up for. The call to action should be in large font and more prominent than any other text on the page.
Make sure the signing up journey of the user is smooth, test for colors and phrases that work best.

2- Keep it short and simple:
The sign-up form should be not your way to know better about the user, save this for later. If the sign-up has several steps add a timeline or a graphic as users are more likely to complete the sign-up if they can see the finish line.

3- Pop-up is better:
Leading your users to a new page might make them feel it's a lot of work, instead use a pop-up window and you can limit distractions by greying the background.

4- Guide your users:
Tell your users all that they need to know, don't frustrate them by telling them after they finish that they did it wrong. Does the password require special characters? does the username have to be an email? let them know.

5- Mind mobile users:
Design a sign-up page that is mobile friendly. It has to be readable and accessible and even easier than the web. Consider adding a sign-up using facebook or google.