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Egypt Business 2016 roundup

With 2017 at the door we wanted to review with you the biggest economic and business news in Egypt in 2016.
Devaluation, loan, IMF, black market, Dollar shortage,....
We have been through a roller coaster with 2016, if you were too busy to understand any of this, here's a round up of top 14 news covered in Egypt Business in 2016. (click on the hyperlinks for more details)

1-We knew for sure that Egypt had one of the slowest internet speeds globally.

2- Egypt assumed the role of the gateway to Africa in the summit Africa 2016.

3- Egypt 2030 vision was announced by the Egyptian government.

4- The pound was devaluated (several times)

5- Egypt reshuffled 10 ministries, most of them economy related.

6- Germany and Egypt signed an MOU to build a solar park in Egypt.

7- Egypt (for a while) became the second biggest economy in Africa.

8- Egypt was announced as the 4th country in the region in terms of tourists' receipt.

9- China invited Egypt to attend the G20 summit, where Egypt sought opportunity to alleviate the dollar crisis.

10- Egyptian-born Nemat Shafik was appointed Director of London School of Economics.

11- Egypt announced a fierce battle on the Black Market for currencies including legal persecution.

12- Russia and Egypt signed an agreement for the former to build an industrial park around Suez Canal, the project will launch in 2018.

13- 4 Egyptian mobile operators (Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat and Telecom Egypt) acquired the 4G licences, after -many- negotiations and objections.

14- We got the IMF loan as part of an economic reform program