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4G for everyone in Egypt

The 4G service is about having faster internet to keep with the pace of the digital world and here is how the 3 mobile operators are preparing for it.
After months of negotiations and rejections and when you just thought that Egypt will not have 3G anytime soon, the 3 operators were finally able to reach an agreement with NTRA on the acquirement of 4G licenses.

The first to acquire it was Orange, and last week the mobile operator launched in an event a campaign titles “4G for everybody” where Orange confirmed it will receive the 4G frequencies in 3 months from the signing of the agreement with NTRA.

While Vodafone Egypt on the other hand advertised the launch of the service on its website as “coming soon”. Vodafone also stated that they offered the strongest 4G networks all over the world and soon Egyptian users will be able to enjoy it as well.

As for Etisalat they also joined the party late with Vodafone and agreed on the conditions of the regulating authority to pay 50 percent of the cost in dollars. Etisalat had stated that it considered a capital increase or acquiring a loan in order to cover the cost of the license.

Paying half of the cost in dollars was part of the conflict between the mobile operators and the regulating authority as well the radio spectrum on offer as it was inadequate.

The operators are preparing for the launch of the service by offering double the amount of internet package for users to try the 4G service without additional charge, while on Vodafone’s website you can enter your mobile number and check your readiness for the 4G service.