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Your guide to Cairo ICT

Cairo ICT celebrates its 20th version in Egypt by exhibiting technological development starting with the 1st mobile phone until today’s technologies.
“You don’t need to be a technology expert to visit Cairo ICT” this is how Cairo ICT presents its 20th round. Whatever you do, it is guaranteed you will find an exhibition that answers your daily technological needs.

Finance and e-payment technologies have a dedicated exhibition, so does smart housing and security technologies. There is also an exhibition showing the services that the Egyptian government plans to offer to the citizens in different ministries and institutions.

The giants of communications industry share an exhibition in the conference, ICT giants also share an exhibition where you can experience and see technologies that won’t be available in the markets before long.

Small and Medium enterprises are also present in Cairo ICT where they are allowed to show their work and they are offered opportunities to be adopted by bigger companies.

More than 500 Egyptian, Arab and International companies are taking part in the conference that is expected to have at least 1 million visitors this year. The organizers of the conference had announced there will be a surprise for the millionth visitor.

The conference this year is receiving special attention from the ministry of communications under the leadership of Minister Yasser Al-Qady for its major importance and for the aim of giving a push to Egypt's ICT industry.