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Egypt anticipates opportunity at the G20 summit

The Chinese invitation for Egypt to attend the G20 summit gives Egypt hope to attract investments amid its dollar crisis.

China might have given Egypt a ticket out of its current economic situation by extending an invitation to attend the G20 summit.

The summit that will be held in Hangzhou in September represents a great opportunity for Egypt to exhibit its potentials to investors.

President AbdulFattah El-Sisi is expected to discuss economic projects and promote investment opportunities in Egypt in an attempt to get Egypt out of its economic ordeal, more specifically its dollar crisis.

This G20 summit is special as it breaks a record in the number of developing economies that will attend. Experts stated that this is necessary to represent a more inclusive version of world economy.

China is keen on including starting economies especially African ones with whom China hopes for strong cooperation.

The IMF has recently approved a loan of $12 billion for Egypt in exchange for economic reforms.

Image via Shutterstock/M.W. Hunt