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Can Egypt Do Business like the UAE?

ECES builds on the "Doing Business" report and examines the possible scenario if Egypt does business better.
Scenario 1:

- In this scenario, Egypt focuses on facilitating business access to electricity to match performance of the UAE as follows:

- reducing the number of procedural steps from 7 to 3, the required time to get the supply from 64 to 32 days and the cost from 273 percent of income per capita to 24 percent.

- Egypt’s overall Doing Business ranking advances from 131 to 108.

Scenario 2:

- In this scenario, Egypt focuses on improving time efficiency of doing business procedures to match those of the UAE as follows:

- construction permits drops from 179 to 43.5 days
- getting electricity drops from 64 to 32 days
- registering property drops from 63 to 1.5 days
- paying taxes drops from 392 to 12 hours per year
- enforcing contracts drops from 1010 to 495 days
- exporting (documentary & border compliance) drops from 136 to 44.4 hours
- importing (documentary & border compliance) drops from 312 to 109.3 hours
- Egypt’s overall Doing Business rank advances from 131 to 92.

*ECES calculations based on Doing Business 2016 data.

**UAE is ranked 31st in Doing Business Report 2016, being the best performing Arab country