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How can you take advantage of social advertising?

A recent report released by Salesforce stated that an astonishing 70% of marketers increased their social media ad spend in 2015.
Payfort | 28.09.2015
There was a time when the future of social advertising wasn’t certain. Companies couldn’t yet see the benefits and for many marketers it was simply too new, too unknown, to really capture their attention.

We’re now closing in the end of 2015 and those uncertain days are well behind us. According to a recent report released by Salesforce, an astonishing 70% of marketers have increased their social media ad spend in 2015; It’s clear that social advertising is here to stay.

The MENA region is no exception to this trend. Though many social platforms have been slow to rollout their advertising services in the Middle East, you can expect to see their impact in 2016.

Everyone knows the dangers of failing to capitalize on new technologies and that’s why this week we’ve pulled together some quick tips to help you get started in world of social advertising.

How to leverage a billion users – Facebook campaign tips:

There are many social platforms you can use to reach new audiences, but the one that still stands above the rest is Facebook. Over the past few years, Facebook advertising has continued to grow thanks to specific audience targeting and a friendly user interface that allows businesses to drastically lower their cost of acquisition.

Best practice for Facebook ads fall in line with what you might expect for PPC campaigns on the major search engines. You need to:

Set clear measurable goals
Target your ads to specific audiences
Keep ads simple and concise
Have a clear call to action
Send users to a relevant landing page

It is often forgotten that Facebook has a strict limit on how much text can be overlaid on an image. Use the Facebook Grid tool to save time and avoid ad disapproval.

Who Should Use It – Virtually every business can take advantage of Facebook advertising. Regardless of the content you want to promote or the services you want to sell, Facebook’s massive audience and focused targeting means your ad will get seen by the right people.

Instagram – How to capitalize on the latest in MENA advertising?

As one of the largest and fastest growing social networks, Instagram is a hotbed for advertising; however, until recently getting ads placed required a close relationship and a big budget. That all changed when Instagram announced their improved ad solution enabling brands to launch ads quickly and easily.

This service has now arrived in the Middle East and it’s got a lot of marketers excited. Instagram has exploded over the past years in countries like KSA and Lebanon, and it offers a great platform to share product with consumers.

Instagram ads are still fairly new and there is a lot of experimenting going on to find out what works best. Instagram themselves have offered some tips on how to get the most out your ads. You’ll want to make sure your ads:

- Share your brand’s message with striking visual content
- Offer a unique perspective that is exclusive to you brand
- Establish a clear focal point in each visual
- Inspire emotions that will leave a lasting impression

Instagram is currently offering several different ad types including Image, Video, and Link Ads. You can find some great resources here to help make sure your ads follow the guidelines.

Who Should Use It – Instagram is all about visuals and it’s gained a lot of traction within fashion, culinary and ecommerce circles. If you want to show off new inventory and tell your brands story through images Instagram is for you.
Tap into “the” B2B social network – How LinkedIn ads can work for you?

Maybe it’s the way marketers themselves use the platform but LinkedIn is often overlooked when it comes to social advertising. Despite this lack of attention LinkedIn has been developing some impressive advertising tools and offers marketers a unique environment to target users.

LinkedIn profiles are regarded as more up-to-date and more accurate than nearly any other social network. This accuracy means you can confidently target your ads based on job title, employer, role, skills, or even interests. LinkedIn’s best practice guidelines revolve around understanding the platform and the advertising environment. You’ll want to focus on:

- Creating relevant ads with a clear call to action
- Ensuring you target an appropriate audience
- Understanding how ad rates vary throughout the day and setting an appropriate budget
- Using groups to reach qualified audiences

LinkedIn stresses the importance of improving performance through experimentation. Be sure to adjust audiences, ad content and even bidding strategies while running campaigns and monitor the impact of these changes. LinkedIn ads can become surprisingly efficient after several iterations

Who Should Use It – LinkedIn offers marketers access to up-to-date profiles and reliable professional information. If you want to be sure that your ads are being shown to your target audience, LinkedIn is the perfect choice.

Twitter – How to hop on the trend of promoted tweets?
When Twitter first released their advertising platforms, it lacked functionality and even basic ad targeting was difficult. While still not as detailed as Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter has come a long way and is starting to make a big impact in the region. The platform is exceedingly popular in the closed Saudi Arabian market, making it a must for any company breaking into KSA.

Offering advertising options such as promoted accounts, promoted tweets, and even promoted trends, Twitter is a powerful tool for reaching new audiences. Your ads need to:

- Come from an up-to-date and active profile
- Incorporate images and videos
- Offer compelling content to users
- Avoid being to salesy

Twitter is all about hashtags, so be sure to take advantage of them in your advertising. If you’re trying to create a multi-platform hashtag campaign promoting your business, Twitter ads can be a great way to give it a boost.

Who Should Use It – Perfect for businesses that want an interactive audience and are eager to capitalize on trending topics in the Middle East.

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