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Summit technology solutions brings cloud computing to a major governmental entity

The project will end up serving a broad base of Egyptian citizens by proxy through the entity.
Magda El Sabee | 31.01.2015
Summit Technology Solutions (STS), the leading ICT and business solutions provider in the Middle East, has won a project to enhance the IT infrastructure of a major Governmental Entity. The new private cloud will serve all organizations related to the entity and a large sector of NGOs. Ultimately, the project will end up serving a broad base of Egyptian citizens by proxy through the entity. STS has developed this private cloud based on Cisco processing and networking, EMC storage, VMware virtualization and management capabilities The project began in the summer of 2014 and was completed after in eight weeks, which was an extremely impressive achievement. As a result of the implementation of its new cutting-edge IT application and infrastructure, the entity can expect to improve operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization to reduce costs, streamline the use of processing and storage resources, and make better use of IT staff for user support rather than technology-focused projects.

The platform combines compute, network, storage, as well as virtualization and management capabilities for the entity applications using the VBlock 340 technology from VCE Company. It is the first time that this technology is implemented in the Middle East making the entity a true leader in technology adoption.
VCE is a leading technology company owned by Cisco and EMC and providing cloud solutions with a big market share worldwide. It delivers the industry's only true converged infrastructure, leveraging Cisco Compute and network technology, EMC storage and data protection and VMware virtualization management.

The solution delivers ready-built processes, virtualization, and management developed on top of the government Process Automation, to automatically provide resources across the physical and virtual servers.

“At STS, we make it a priority to fully understand our customers’ technology needs with the aim of enhancing their operations, which is what we’ve done with the project for a major governmental entity,” said Mrs. Magda El Sabee, Chairperson of STS. “With this project, the entity is an IT role model, fully embracing the benefits of the latest technological advances such as cloud computing. We appreciate working with forward-thinking clients intent on making the most of the innovative IT and communications solutions we provide.”