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Ease of Doing Business in Egypt: Not that easy?

The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report evaluates how easy it is to do business in each country, and ranked Egypt at place 112.

When talking about a global scale, Singapore is the country that toped the “Ease of Doing Business”-Rank, followed by New Zealand and Hong Kong. Egypt came in 112th, occupying the 73rd place in terms of ease of starting a business and 142nd in dealing with construction permits. It also ranked 106th in getting electricity, 84th in registering property and 71st in getting credit.

Egypt was assigned the 135th rank in protecting minority investors, 149th rank in paying taxes and 99th in the ease of trading across borders. In terms of enforcing contracts, it got ranked 152nd and 126th in terms of resolving insolvency.

It is easiest to start a business in Cairo, Alexandria and Giza, whereas getting construction permits is easiest in Suez. Registering property is easiest in Port Said, and if one wants to enforce contracts, he should go to Damietta.

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