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Nile University announces NU100 winners

Nile University concluded its entrepreneurship competition NU100, with prizes worth almost EGP750,000.

Nile University announced the winners of its entrepreneurship competition NU100, which has been ongoing for the past two years. Throughout this time, 32 awareness events took place all over Egypt, resulting in 2,800 registrations and 700 applications, of which 120 teams were chosen to take part in the training and mentorship program.

Nile University awarded five startups financial awards, as well as three scholarships to outstanding team-members. MCEgypt, ExxonMobil and Misr ElKheir also gave out financial awards, whereas Flat6Labs awarded one startup 4 months of incubation as well as EGP100,000. The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), which belongs to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, awarded a software acceleration program to one startup, worth EGP15,000. Please check the list below for the exact distribution of awards and startups.

From agricultural to medical solutions, all through social and ICT-ideas, the startups at NU100 have had their fair share of mentorship and technical assistance. “This country has so much energy that is just not correctly applied. This is what we are hoping to change with this competition,” Tarek Khalil, the head of Nile University stated at the closing ceremony, which took place at the Sheikh Zayed Campus.

With the support of the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), NU100 was able to lead to the creation of new businesses. “The work of entrepreneurs is the key to economic growth and job creation,” David Grant from the US Embassy confirmed at the event, highlighting that he was impressed by the number of startups that had become actual companies throughout the process.

“The competition exceeded our expectations, because we did not think that all these startups will be able to touch base with the market and be that committed. We moved step-by-step and now, more than 15 companies registered out of this competition. The growth was established organically and gave us an impression that the future is promising,” Dr. Nezar Sami, Director of the Information Systems Department at Nile University told Egypt Business Directory. Some startups even went home with multiple prizes and awards. “I feel like now my business is finally starting to kick off and that I have put my foot in the right direction. Seeing a positive change in society that was caused by no one else but me is remarkable,” Hadeel Youssef told Egypt Business Directory, after collecting three awards for her startup Ya Fedi7to, which aims at fighting sexual harassment.

Here is the complete list of the finalists and awards:

1. Smart Filter: The Smart Filter team has designed and produced new kinds of filters for air purification. Abdallah Wahdan from Smart Filter was awarded a complete scholarship for a Master’s Program at Nile University worth EGP108,000.

2. 4R: 4R converts unutilized construction and demolition waste into new cement products such as bricks and curb blocks for sale to contracting and construction companies. It was awarded EGP40,000 by Nile University.

3. Khobz Misr: The Khobz Misr Team has invented a bread-making machine which will ensure standard high quality loaves of bread. It was awarded EGP50,000 by ExxonMobil. Shady Mahmoud from Khobz Misr was awarded a 50% scholarship for a Master’s Program at Nile University worth EGP54,000.

4. Ra7al: The Ra7al team has invented a software that provides the user with a virtual experience simulating travel to different places. It was awarded EGP10,000 by Nile University.

5. Ya Fedi7to: Ya Fedi7to is a mobil application designed to allow women to spread the word about sexual harassment incidents they have experienced in particular areas and what they did about them. It was awarded EGP33,250 by MCEgypt, as well as a software accelerator program by TIEC worth EGP15,000 and EGP5,000 EGP by Nile University.

6. Crina: The Crina Machine is a new generation of palm leaf defibering machines. It was awarded EGP30,000 by Nile University.

7. Kheir Baladna: The Kheir Baladna team has invented an easily affordable technology to produce organic fertilizers from ground palm fronds instead of burning them and damaging the environment. It was awarded EGP50,000 by ExxonMobil.

8. Animal Reproductive Care Center: The team has established an animal reproductive care center to provide on-farm accessible animal artificial insemination. It was awarded EGP33,250 by MCEgypt and EGP35,000 by Misr ElKheir.

9. Good Food Barley Cultivator: The team proposes a high-productivity mechanism to grow sprouted barley, a natural product that works as an alternative fodder. It was awarded EGP10,000 by Misr ElKheir.

10. Hawamesh: The Hawamesh team has created a portal which helps organize information on local production enterprises and work opportunities, in addition to human resource contacts and known labor pools including craftsmen and others living in the area. It was awarded EGP33,250 by MCEgypt.

11. Biopical: The team has designed a unit that will help alleviate some of the current problems of water and energy shortages. It was awarded EGP23,000 by Misr ElKheir.

12. Kaizen: The Kaizen team has redesigned the Biopette and aim to produce it locally. It was awarded EGP50,000 by Misr ElKheir. Mohamed Amr from Kaizen was awarded a 50% scholarship for a Master’s Program at Nile University worth EGP54,000.

13. GENU: The team has designed a new software package for mobile phones that scans the label on product packets to determine their validity. It was awarded EGP15,000 by Nile University.

14. Sani: The Sani team has developed a device that solves problems of Hemodialysis. It was awarded 4 months of incubation by Flat6Labs, as well as EGP100,000 of seed funding.

15. Wadi: Wadi combats desertification using a moving irrigation system. Ahmed Qadry from Wadi was awarded a laptop by Talal Abu Ghazala.