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Elmenus launches application for food-lovers

When in doubt about food choices, Elmenus provides customers with a food discovery platform on its website – and today, also via its application.

Almost everyone in an Egyptian household knows about the pile of paper menus from different restaurants and fast food chains piled beside the telephone or stuck to the fridge. In times of gatherings or midnight cravings, they serve as a saving platform. Same goes for corporate employees.

However, now these menus are just one click away, because “Elmenus” finally launched their application for iPhone. Elmenus is an Egyptian comprehensive food discovery platform with over 1,500 digitized and scanned restaurant menus enriched by the input of a food loving community who are rating dishes, sharing food photos and writing reviews on their favorite restaurants.

The application helps users locate nearby restaurants, view their menus, call restaurants directly from the app or just browse through tasty food photos shared by other foodies in the community. Users can “Yum” other users’ photos and comment on them, to help bring conversations about the best food online. It updates 1,500 restaurants every three months.

A day after its launch, the application was ranked first on the official app store. According to the founder and CEO of Elmenus Amir Allam, the app does not only provide menus, but also helps in discovering new food, instead of getting stuck with the same restaurant and dish every time.

Elmenus website: