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Egyptian among IMF Middle East Youth Dialogue winners

Mohamed Reda was chosen along with 3 others to attend the IMF's Building the Future: Jobs, Growth, & Fairness in the Arab World conference.
Mohamed Reda from Egypt - Photo by IMF Middle East Youth Dialogue

The International Monetary Fund’s Middle East Youth Dialogue called for participants to answer one question: “In your opinion, how to create jobs in your country?” Chosen based on originality and impact, the participants were asked to look into job creation in the Middle East and propose solutions for economic development.

The winners were Morad Abdel-Halim from Jordan, Mohamed Reda from Egypt, Tracy Helou from Lebanon, and Brooj Al-Ammri from Yemen.

Reda is the Head of Risk Management Department at Al-Tawfeek Financial Brokerage (AT. Brokerage) and is convinced that every positive development starts with education. His paper focused on:

- Professional development of candidates’ capabilities to fit labor market needs.

- Paying attention and developing Crafts occupations, and integrate them into the formal economy.

- Restructuring economic laws.

- Restructuring the taxing system.

- Providing security and developing infrastructure.

- Expanding Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

- Expanding labor-intensive projects.

- Supporting youth entrepreneurship.

- Supporting innovative emerging companies.

The conference took place in Amman, Jordan on the 11th and 12th of May 2014.