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Entrepreneurship subsidized at GAFI

The General Authority for Investment’s Bedaya Startup Academy prepares entrepreneurs for what lies ahead.
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<p>Every entrepreneur knows that establishing one’s own business is a hike up an extremely challenging path. At times, a guiding hand, a piece of advice or a visionary partner are worth gold.</p><br><p>
The General Authority for Investment (GAFI) founded Egypt’s first Startup Academy named “Bedaya” (namely: Start), as part of the efforts of its Bedaya Centre for Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development - a governmental effort that reaches out to Egypt's young people. In collaboration with the Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE), the three-months-program aims to genuinely equip entrepreneurs with the skills, competencies and knowledge required to establish and run their own businesses.</p><br><p>
Each week, mentors and instructors take entrepreneurs by the hand and bring them closer to their dream of building their own business. The program mainly focuses on how to structure a business idea and model, consumer segmentation and market research, developing one’s product, financial management and accounting principles, branding and marketing, developing corporate structure and HR-plans, legal processes and registration, and strategic thinking.</p><br><p>
GAFI reduced the original fees by 50% per team, as part of their belief in the importance of promoting entrepreneurship in Egypt.</p><br><p>
Applicants for the academy go through a selection process, as submitted applications are reviewed and teams are called in for separate interviews.</p><br><p>
Besides teaching its “students” entrepreneurial skills, Bedaya Startup Academy exposes them to the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, giving them a chance to broaden their network and have access to the media. </p><br><p>
If you have a valid idea, are determined and committed to your startup, are coachable and have a suitable team structure, do not hesitate to apply <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.