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Samsung exports "Made in Egypt" monitors to Europe

Achieving remarkable results, the factory currently exports around 20% of the total monitor production.
Samsung Corporation | 03.02.2014
Samsung Factory in Bani Sweif recently announced that it started exporting locally manufactured computer monitors to a number of European countries. Samsung also announced the factory’s ambitious expansion plan to include exporting its ‘Made in Egypt’ monitors to countries in Asia and Africa as well. Samsung’s Factory in Bani Sweif is the first of its kind in the Middle East & Africa (MEA).

"Following the inauguration of the factory in July 2013, we have worked very hard to manufacture state-of-the-art monitors that comply with the highest international quality standards. Samsung has a wealth of expertise and know-how that enables us to be the leading manufacturer of top quality monitors, not only on the local level, but globally as well," said Kinam Lee, President of Samsung Factory in Egypt; commenting on the outstanding performance of the factory. "Samsung chose to invest $1.8 billion in the Egyptian market, relying on the fact that Egypt is one of the largest and most pivotal markets in MENA. We strongly believe that our factory supports the local economy. Samsung is endeavoring to position Egypt as the regional exportation hub for its products. We have already begun to do so since November 2013, when we started exporting locally manufactured computer monitors to the Netherlands and Slovakia, reaching almost 10,000 sets so far."

During 2014, the factory is planning to expand its exporting range to include Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco. Moreover, Samsung factory in Bani Sweif is equipped with the latest machineries and production equipment that operate according to the latest technologies that enable Samsung to offer the highest quality products with superior performance. The factory manufactures the monitors from scratch, instead of assembling components that have already been manufactured abroad. The exported monitors include two models of LED monitors with two different sizes (18.5 and 19.5 inches).

Since it started operation, the factory manufactured 500,000 TV sets and computer monitors until December 2013. From the total number of the produced computer monitors, 79% were distributed locally and 21% were exported. Samsung Egypt is striving to triple the production volume by the end of 2014. The factory’s current annual growth rate of production is 184 %, with the targeted production volume being 8 million sets by 2017.

Samsung factory offers approximately 1,000 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs for Bani Sweif residents and residents of nearby areas. Samsung Selected Bani Sweif to establish its factory given the potential key role that could be played by Upper Egypt in the development of the local industrial sector, while promoting Egypt as a leading industrial country in the region.