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Eventtus wins Samsung's Entaleq 2013

Online event-platform Eventtus won Egypt’s first mobile phone application initiative Entaleq, a.k.a Samsung’s Developers Challenge.
Besides a cash prize, Eventtus walked away with a free education program at the Information Technology Institute, help with their marketing strategy and a chance to attend the Mobile World Congress in February 2014.

For seven months, 123 developers worked very hard on their mobile phone applications to finally present their best work to Samsung. The top 15 applications were chosen based on a number of criteria set to ensure originality, innovation and unique design in various fields such as education, entertainment, health, tourism, and social networking.

Mr. Sherif Barakat, Head of HHP Division at Samsung Egypt, considers this initiative a step for Egypt towards Silicon Valley: “What Egypt needs to get closer to Silicon Valley is education, capital and talent. We have the talent in this country, so Samsung is trying to provide capital and education through this initiative.”

Entaleq gave prizes to ten Smartphone applications and five SmartTV applications. Most of the applications that participated in the competition were concerned with lifestyle and social networks, whereas the number of registered developers in store went up by 68% since 2010, reaching 615.

The five winners of the SmartTV application competition were: Egypt, KolElAkhbar, Samsung Smart Travel, ElMatbach ElArabi and Remotak. The ten winners of the Smartphone application competition were: Eventtus, AIO Remote, Medica Reminders, Qibla AR, E7meha, iCare, ??? ?????? ??????, and App Swapper.

The next round of Entaleq will start in February 2014.