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Your winter office in the sun - new client business included

The first CoworkingCamp will take place this winter in Egypt / El Gouna - don't miss it.
COWORKINGCAMPS are temporary offices at inspiring spots, including networking and export chances for up to 75 Startups. The first of its kind will take place this winter in Egypt / El Gouna.

Forcing collaboration between startups from all over the world:

Imagine a place at the beach where inspiring startup entrepreneurs gather in November and December to escape the cold winter to work on their ideas together. Working next to founders, startups and freelancers can improve ones network, bring new ideas and grow business. Imagine the kind of personal worldwide contacts after 4 unique weeks. Lots of networking events with inspiring people are enriching the concept of working in the sun.

Why Egypt:
Egypt is our number 1 destination within 4 hours from mainland Europe. By traveling the country and connecting with business people, the Camp organizers identified several opportunities especially for startups and export activities:

? Egypt is a huge market – 90 million people with 40% internet penetration, 110% mobile penetration, 10 million smartphones.
? There has been a huge groundswell in entrepreneurship since 2011
? Much of the ecosystem has developed (in the same timeframe) to support it – an angel investor group (40 members with 10 investments in just over a year), a five-fold increase in new incubators/accelerators/co-working spaces, a new mobile technology VC, renewed interest from local & regional VCs in Egyptian tech startups and an increase in local and regional individual investors.
? Egypt has a large and very talented tech-savvy labor pool
? Egypt has critical problems that technology and new business models can help solve, especially in agriculture, health, education and energy, but also to open up new markets forexport for goods and services, and impact some of the big traditional foreign-currency earners like tourism.
? 100% increase in foreign media attention on Egypt’s entrepreneurship space each year for past 3 years
? A dramatic increase in investments in tech startups in the last 12 months, more than 150%.
(Source: Con O’Donnell Mercy Corps)

The Event will take place at the privately-owned city El-Gouna, a city outside of Egypt by Egyptians who vacation there, or who own villas there. The Camp will be at a great resort that is easy to reach, affordable and will become our home for the four weeks from mid of November till mid of December. Startups can either stay the whole period or just come in for a week or two.

How to make the most of it
How to work, network or collaborate at the camp is up to everyone’s choice. If you decide for the camp because you like the combination of sun and work or rather want to connect with interesting people and fully use all networking and feedback events – the options are versatile.

COWORKINGCAMP will prove, that to combine work and leisure can lead to desirable lifestyles and great results. Where else can ideas lead to innovations, when not at a comfortable place with lots of motivated, and talented people!

Europe: Romy Sigl, Mobile +43-664-4130361
Egypt: Veronica Murguia Imana, Mobile +201002665554