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A Coworking space at the Red Sea - but bigger

Egypt’s Coworking Camp at the Red Sea is planning to connect international startups and establish friendships.

Romy Sigl is an innovator in her field and her country – she is the founder of the first coworking space in her homeland Salzburg. Two and a half years ago, she decided to give entrepreneurs a chance to share experiences and connect on a larger level. And voila, Salzburg’s first coworking space was created.

What brings her to Egypt? The “Egyptian spirit and spontaneity” of course, as she likes to put it. Her plan is to create not only a coworking space in Egypt, but a whole 4-week-camp, in which entrepreneurs from all over the globe can work, connect, develop, flourish, open up to other markets and have fun all along.

“Winter can be a very depressing and uninspiring time in Europe, so we decided to go somewhere closer to the sun and sea. The options available were Tunisia, Malta and Egypt – and when I went to Egypt, I knew that this was it,” Sigl explained.

What makes Egypt the better choice, besides the glorious weather? “The drive in Egypt is much faster than in any other country I visited. Additionally, there is a much wider horizon and people are willing to help and join in without prioritizing their personal benefits – something one can only dream of in Europe, for instance.”

Unfortunately, Coworking Camp Egypt is facing some trouble at the moment due to the travel warnings issued as a result to turmoil and political conflict. But as soon as these are lifted, Sigl is planning to start with the reservations to get the Coworking Camp rolling by November.

“If one is crazy thinking about a Camp in Egypt these days is a matter of perspective. I'm looking forward meeting fantastic open-minded people over there,” Sigl wrote last week, as she was impressed by the connections she had made on a short trip to Egypt recently and was tormented by second thoughts about the location she felt so strongly about.

So far, Sigl is looking for sponsors and partners to help with the financial liability of the project, and she already received over 140 applications from startups worldwide.

To catch up with the Coworking Camp and apply, click here.