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Half of Egypt's youth are "poor": CAPMAS

28.3% of Egypt’s youth aged 18 – 29 are unemployed, according to a report by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.
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<br><div><b>The sign reads: ‘No to poverty, no to unemployment , no to torture’</b>– <i>Photo by Socialist Way</i></div>
<p>CAPMAS announced in 2010/2011 that 25.5% of Egypt’s population is poor, whereas the World Bank has an even more shocking statistic, claiming that more than 40% of Egypt’s population lives under the poverty line of $1 a day.</p><br>
<p>In 2012, 51.3% of Egypt’s young people suffered from poverty, which amounts to 19.4 million people. The same year witnessed a youth unemployment rate of 28.3%, whereas more females were jobless than males. The overall unemployment rate in 2012 stood at 13%.</p><br>
<p>Earlier this month, CAPMAS also announced that the monthly inflation rate rose by 0.9% in July 2013. Year-on-year, the rate has almost doubled, with an annual rate of 6.3% in July 2012, and 11.5% in July 2013.</p></body></html>