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Google Earth cannot assess number of demonstrators: Spokesperson

Maha Aboelenein stated that Google Earth cannot “assess the number of demonstrators in Egypt or anywhere else”.
Head of Communications for Google in the Middle East and North Africa Maha Aboelenein issued a statement today, emphasizing that the images used by Google Earth are not “live” and are assembled from a wide range of pictures , which makes them unfit to use for the calculation or estimation of the number of demonstrators in a certain protest.

“Additionally, the quality and resolution of the images on Google Earth do not allow users to determine or recognize individuals,” the statement said.

The announcement comes shortly after posts have been going viral on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, claiming to have calculated the number of protesters in Egypt with the help of Google Earth.

Egypt has been witnessing a number of protests in the past month, some of which were claimed to have reached 40 million participants.

Google Earth is a program that allows users to view satellite imagery of the whole world.