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Key dates in Egypt's roadmap: What's next?

Interim President Adly Mansour announced a constitutional declaration on the 8th of July 2013 – what steps will be taken now?

The Constitutional Declaration determined the following key dates:

23rd July: Deadline for the President to create a council whose job it is to amend the constitution of 2012, which is currently halted. The council will include two members of the High Constitutional Court, two judges from the High Court, two judges from the State Council and four professors and experts of law from Egyptian universities.

23rd of August: Deadline for the aforementioned council to present an amended draft of the constitution to a council of 50 members of all groups of society.

23rd of October: Deadline for the aforementioned 50-member-council to amend and modify the draft constitution and create a final draft.

23rd of November: Deadline for the Egyptian President to hold a referendum, where the people of Egypt get to vote on the final draft of the constitution.

December/January: Parliamentary elections.

January/February: Presidential elections.