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Student dies in gas station queue dispute

As fuel shortage hits a high shortly before planned protests on June 30, gas stations are packed with angry Egyptians.
Ahram Gate reported the death of one student Tuesday night at a gas station in Nasr City, amidst a dispute on whose turn it was in the fueling queue.

The fight at the very crowded gas station had caused one of the car owners to get out a gun and shoot several shots in the air, one of which hit the student and killed him instantly. The shooter was immediately arrested by other car owners.

The country’s Petroleum Minister Sherif Haddara told Ahram that Egypt is not suffering a petroleum shortage and the long queues outside gas stations are mainly attributable to false rumours that the government plans to halt the supply of octane products.

One day earlier, the minister had told Turkish news agency Anadulo that Egypt has enough diesel fuel to last 8 days, butane enough for 10 days and petrol enough for 14 days.