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Egypt top destination for Africa and ME travelers in 2013

Visa’s latest study reveals that 17% of travelers from the Middle East & Africa (MEA) choose Egypt as their top travel destination.
Top destination for MEA travelers

In the past two years, Egypt has lost some of its touristic charm due to political and economic instability – at least that is what European, American, and Asian travelers think.

However, Africans and people from the Middle East prefer Egypt as a travel destination. Egypt is closely followed by Turkey (16%) and France (12%). This could also be triggered by Egypt’s cheap travel costs which are low, compared to destinations like Turkey and Europe.

Visa's "Global Travel Intentions Study 2013" showed that in the coming year, 14% of MEA travelers intend to visit Spain, whereas Egypt was voted by 6% of the respondents. Also, 48% of tourists to Egypt prefer a packaged tour which is very well-planned.

Additionally, the study showed that MEA travelers like to stay connected to their daily life back home while en route, whereas Europeans prefer to ‘detach’ themselves from all that is routine and connected to their daily life.

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