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AlMaqarr - The story of the Heliopolis coworking space

Ever been to AlMaqarr? Ever known the story behind it?
AlMaqarr | 17.05.2013
It had always been a problem to set a proper meeting with our teams. As working in NGOs, and Student Activities, we didn't have our own place to work in. Cafes were always an option. However, with all the noise and the interruption of the waiters we could have never done anything the way we wanted. We started using the Educational Centers for High Schools, but the noise is unbearable.

Another thing, as part of organizations, we always want to collaborate and make partnerships with others. But finding people is not as easy as anyone would think. We're all scattered around cafes and centers and it's very hard to get hold of people.

"This is it" we said, "we want everyone to do their work in one place, there has to be one place gathering us all". We decided to do it ourselves. We decided to build headquarter for everyone who's looking for headquarter. We took the initiative and started "AlMaqarr" (The Headquarters).

AlMaqarr is a coworking space in Ard El Golf, right between Heliopolis, Nasr City and The Fifth District. It has 4 meeting rooms, a conference hall. It also has a big lobby for all the social interaction and the coworking. Our main mission in AlMaqarr is to help. We want to help everyone with what they do. We provide the meeting spaces, office spaces, conference, training, interviews and workshops. And even more when asked. We also hold social events to gather people together from everywhere. We want everyone to know everyone. We want everyone to interact and collaborate with everyone.

It’s not only about the meeting hosting, we also make partnership with the entities that we receive, whether NGOs, entrepreneurs, SMEs or any other entities. We provide marketing solutions through our different channels. Our support unlimitedly extends outside every box.

We arranged a chess competition. Some seasonal bazars where many companies came to explain show their products and advertise about their projects. And one of our hits so far is “El Hangout”, where audience can come to share experiences and express their feelings unlimitedly about everything they want to talk about.

As entrepreneurs, we encourage everyone who’s in process to start a business to come pay us a visit. We give advice. We provide support. We do our best in order to get people to kick off and start. We have many partnerships with other entities that help entrepreneurs like “El Mashrou3” and “Flat6Labs”. And our marketing channels are always dedicated to the people working in AlMaqarr, whether using AlMaqarr for their meeting, sharing an office, or coming to work occasionally.

Just like we started, we think everyone can. It just needs the will and persistence. This is why we started AlMaqarr; AlMaqarr is an idea we got, to help everyone making their dreams come true.

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