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How to become a YouTube Partner

Now that YouTube’s individuals’ partnership program is available in Egypt, KSA, and UAE, find out how can you monetize your activity.
Digibuzz | 28.03.2013

The YouTube Partner Program features dozens of programs to help you amplify your YouTube experience, whether you want to share videos with friends or to build a new YouTube-based career. The programs are tailored to help you improve your skills, build your audiences and earn money by monetizing more content.

Benefits of the YouTube Partner Program:

- Reach a Worldwide Audience – YouTube is the largest online video community in the world, a network comprised of the largest online video site, several other online destinations and an array of consumer devices from laptops to mobile phones to televisions. Partners enjoy additional promotion and inclusion in special advertising programs that run on YouTube, across the internet and offline.

- Monetize Your Content – YouTube supports partner videos through automatically-targeted ad formats. All you need to do is create compelling video content that complies with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

- Improve Your Skills and Creativity – Through a host of development programs, analytical tools, and community resources, YouTube helps partners create even more high quality content.

- Gain Flexibility Through A Non-Exclusive Agreement - YouTube doesn’t restrict where partners can upload and distribute their content, enabling you to upload and monetize your content across an array of non-YouTube networks.

- Network and Collaborate – YouTube’s vibrant partner network is ripe with creativity, eager mentors and collaborators.

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