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Google+ to remain ad-free, optimistic about Egypt

EMEA Marketing Head of Google+ Cristian Cussen assured that Google+ will never include advertisements, “unlike other social networks”.
Cristian Cussen
Christian Cussen, Head of EMEA Marketing for Google+

Today, Google+ has over 500 million accounts and 135 million active users a month. Using this data in order to persuade companies and individuals to obtain an account, the Europe, Middle East and Africa Marketing Head of G+ Cristian Cussen added: “I’m very optimistic about the growth of Egypt’s presence in Google+.”

In a presentation entitled “Tapping into Creativity in Google+”, Cussen explained what distinguished this social network: “We do not force you to limit yourself to 140 characters and we do not use ads in your streams.” It was not hard to guess which networks Cussen was referring to.

Google+ does offer some extraordinary features, such as hangouts, which are live video chats. These are often used today – in Egypt and elsewhere – in order to bring public figures and celebrities closer to their fans.

Another interesting tool Cussen mentioned is called “Ripples”. This feature shows exactly how a piece of content was shared and re-shared. He used it to show that it was actually Britney Spears who first posted Korean hit Gangnam-style on Google+. Today, the video on YouTube has almost 1.5 billion views.

Only time will tell whether Google+ will further grow and thrive.