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Where to find useful training programs in Egypt

Training Egypt is the country’s first online directory for training providers, with over 1000 offered courses.
<p>Today, unskilled labor is one of the causes for Egypt’s economic downfall – without learnt skills, one cannot expect quality. Partly due to its overpopulation, the country has become a hub for cheap untrained labor and many countries who seek quality-outsourcing head to Malaysia. </p>
<p>Haythem Hassan, Training Egypt’s Managing Director, seeks to change these facts for a better Egypt: “We want to create a training community in Egypt where employers and individuals can find what they are looking for.” </p>
<p>And they are succeeding: Training Egypt is one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012 in Egypt. </p>
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<p>Not only does the portal offer a directory, but it also shows reviews and ratings of over 220 training providers, and responds to individual queries from their users. If a person cannot find the training he / she is looking for, he / she can simply contact Training Egypt and they will help searching for it. </p>
<p> “We had the idea before the revolution, but did not have the chance to officially launch back then. This was a niche. Next, we are planning a Training Egypt Discount Card, which will give its owner discounts for all courses at our members’ companies,” Hassan conveyed. </p>
<p>Find Training Egypt here: </p>
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